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Larva Heroes: Lavengers v2.9.2 Desbloqueado todos los héroes,unidades,habilidades ilimitadas MOD APK Download

Version: 2.9.2
Desbloqueado todos los héroes unidades habilidades ilimitadas
Nombre de la Aplicación Larva Heroes: Lavengers
Nombre del Paquete com.mrgames.larvaheroesfree
Género Action
Tamaño 92.88 MB
Ultima Versión 2.9.2
Información del Mod
Desbloqueado todos los héroes unidades habilidades ilimitadas
Fecha de Actualización Sat Mar 02 2024
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Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod APK (Unlocked All Heroes,Units,Skills) 2023 Descargar con Jojoy

Larva Heroes: Lavengers es una de las aplicaciones más populares en este momento, Larva Heroes: Lavengers tiene 10M+ descargas en Google Play. Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod APK (Unlocked All Heroes,Units,Skills) es una versión premium de Larva Heroes: Lavengers, puedes usar todas las funciones de Larva Heroes: Lavengers sin pagar ni mirar anuncios. Descarga Jojoy ahora y podrás experimentar el Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod APK de forma gratuita.

Qué es Larva Heroes: Lavengers?

★ Amazing Event ★ 1.All new users :  Leather set + 100 magic candy 2. Reward Ad Event: Magic Candy x20 3. Clear the hell dungeon, 2,625 candy + fortune cookie 1,200 * You need to check for the latest version update in order to apply the above information.  1. Boss Dungeon   - It is a dungeon that only boss appears. It has considerable difficulty (1 ~ 3 steps).   - Various items such as equipment, cans, buffs, etc. are paid at random.   - You can enter 5 times a day, and you have to purchase tickets for additional admission.   TIP. I recommend that you have the skills and challenge with your hero friends. 2. Pet System   The pet's basic ability is to regain HP 10% every 15 seconds.   Additional upgrade ability: Attack power and experience can be continuously upgraded.   (Pet can be obtained by watching cash or advertisement.) 3. Stage drop item  Now, if you catch a monster on the stage, you can get various items depending on the probability.◆ Choose your favorite hero character! ◆1. Yellow 2. Red 3. Super Yellow 4. Wizard Brown 5. Black Knight 6. Rainbow Warrior ◆ 10 hero character friends to fight like hero appeared ◆Yellow, Red, Super Yellow, Mask Red, Cyborg Red, Steel Red, Viking Red, Ninja Red, Kung Fu Red, Zoro Red◆ 360 stages of difficulty level> Playtime ... What the heck ◆Depending on the difficulty, the setting is changed and the fun and tension are doubled.If you are a beginner, you will be challenged to master mode if you are an easy-to-use player. But ... sure?◆ Jack Captain Fortune Cookie Drawing ◆One coupon is paid when the stage is cleared by each difficulty level.You can find it when you find Captain Jack on the World Map.Fortune cookies are like random vending machines that can be pulled through gold, items, and magic candy.◆ Hero transformation system ◆Hero (hero character) can transform into a warrior character enhanced during the game.If you change your appearance, change or upgrade your ability to separateYou can use skills.It is a game element that gives the opponent an opportunity to play back opponent.◆ Mission is 3,6,9 ◆There are three separate missions on stage 3, 6 and 9 for each world.Escort 3 missions / pink! : It is mission to escort pink to base station.6 Mission / Stop enemy wave attacks! : Wave attack following 5It is a mission to block with hero friends (party players) defined in the game.Destroy the enemy with 9 missions / units only! The hero disappears. And … .Regardless of the Vienna gauge, you only need to win the battle against the enemy with unit production.Are you embarrassed because you do not have a hero? customer!!!★ How to collect magic candy ★1. Collect Jack Captain coupons to open fortune cookies and draw magic candy.2. Clear the stage to get a fortune cookie.3. Open a new world and receive 10.4. Raise your skills and collect in Master Mode Clear Reward (get more boss stages)* Jack Captain coupon is created by clearing the stage one by one.-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------※ Pivacy Policy※ Details of required access rights- Contacts: The app can also read and edit contacts using the contacts of the user's device.(You can get paid after watching video ads.)- Mobile phone: You can change the usage status of your mobile phone. (Read status and ID)- Device ID and call information: It is possible to set to not change to sleep mode during game.- Miscellaneous: Enable vibration, check network and WIFI connection status.* Unauthorized privileges and functions through the ability to revoke authorization of a terminal's access right or delete an app You can deny access to.* If you are using Android OS version 6.0 or lowerYou can not. In this case, make sure that you can upgrade your operating system to 6.0 or later.After upgrading, you need to re-install the app to be allowed by permission.

¿Cómo la gente dice Larva Heroes: Lavengers?

I used to play this game back in my elementary days.. Now I'm a Senior High and i still enjoy this gem. Nostalgia hit diff. Also question to the devs, what's the difference between this one and the other one? It seems the name also change. As far i remember, it called 2017 or 2018 because it was released in same year but now it called 2020. Thank you for the hard work making this game and have a great day!

I really loved this game ive been playing it since 2017 and ive never stopped.The game graphics are amazing,battle system is fun,levels are challenging and hard (but not hard enough to irritate you),and the reward system for victories are balanced.And the best part i really enjoyed is the larvengers itself and the different troop collections are amazing.I cant believe that this game is still left behind the top games list.For the devs of the game i salute you for making such perfect game.

¿Qué es Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod APK?

Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod APK es una versión premium de Larva Heroes: Lavengers, en Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod APK puedes usar todas las funciones en Larva Heroes: Lavengers sin gastar dinero ni mirar anuncios. Ni siquiera necesitas pasar tiempo desbloqueando ninguna de las misiones, porque estás en la perspectiva de Dios y puedes hacer todo con facilidad. La versión premium del Mod APK tiene diferentes interpretaciones en diferentes aplicaciones, como el juego mod apk. Experimentarás monedas de oro ilimitadas o diamantes ilimitados, o incluso niveles ilimitados, puedes experimentar fácilmente la diversión del juego sin ningún esfuerzo. La versión avanzada de Mod APK elimina las funciones de carga en aplicaciones populares y elimina muchos problemas que requieren ver anuncios para usar. Puede usar fácilmente la versión verde y limpia. Y el Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod APK es la versión Unlocked All Heroes,Units,Skills, lo que significa que puedes experimentar tanta diversión.

¿Qué es Jojoy?

Jojoy es un descargador de Mod APK, puedes encontrar todas las aplicaciones o mods de juegos que necesitas descargar en Jojoy. Los Mod APK se están volviendo cada vez más importantes, y Jojoy incluso se ha convertido en una importante alternativa a Google Play, porque todas las aplicaciones descargadas en jojoy se pueden usar de forma gratuita, lo que es más fácil de usar.

¿Cómo descargar Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod APK en Jojoy?

En primer lugar, debes descargar la aplicación jojoy en Después de la instalación, puede usar fácilmente la comunidad del juego Jojoy.

Busque Larva Heroes: Lavengers en la comunidad de juegos jojoy, puedes obtener el apk que necesita descargar. Seleccione la última versión para descargar e instalar.

Una vez instalado, puedes experimentar el mod Larva Heroes: Lavengers en tu teléfono, y estoy seguro de que te encantará. ¡Ven y descarga el Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod APK con Jojoy ahora!